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  • Liz Horn 
  • Senior Vice President 
  • 16 Dec, 2019 

Shoe Angel Tributes

Fourth quarter is a great time for Shoe Angel events. I’ve been attending events non-stop since the beginning of October (today is Dec. 16, 2019). Most Health, Wellness, and Benefits Fairs take place in October and early November, and Holiday Events remind associates that comfortable, healthful shoes and inserts are good gifts.

Shoe Angel’s presence at an event includes 3D foot scans, information about the company’s Shoe Angel program, a savings promotion, and fun things like a drawing for a free pair of shoes. I talk to many people and through them I get a glimpse of the wonderful attention paid to providing well-being to each partner’s staff members, associates and overall community. There are so many stories of how they do this. I’d like to share a few with you that made great impressions on me.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to set up an exclusive Shoe Angel event in the lobby of a regional hospital that has a Shoe Angel program with benefits that include the payroll deduction payment option for staff members. The morning of the event, I walked in the front door and the festive view that greeted me took my breath away. The lobby perimeter was completely lined with evergreen trees, sometimes three deep, decorated with ornaments and lights. On each tree was a sign. I soon realized that each was sponsored by a person, family, or business as a tribute to loved one(s) who have passed away. What a beautiful idea.

Health, wellness and benefits fairs are all excellent tributes to employees of a business, and the people in charge of these events are angels! The events are very elaborate, including health stations such as free flu shots, testing and monitoring as well as a diverse assortment of stations featuring all kinds of vendors and benefits experts. This year Shoe Angel was invited to participate in the benefits fairs at multiple locations of a very large hospital system in Ohio. The invitation came rather late in the planning process, but we juggled our schedule to be able to attend. It wasn’t only us who had to juggle! The person in charge had to make last minute changes in her floor and communication plans in order to accommodate Shoe Angel. She was flexible and always upbeat. The events were a huge success with lots of employees attending. We appreciated being there and they appreciated being able to get their feet scanned and learn about Shoe Angel.

Just last week I held an event at an assisted living and skilled nursing facility that specializes in helping patients who suffer with severe mental challenges. It is wonderful to provide the benefits of a Shoe Angel program to the staff members of this facility. The attention and focus on the well being of their residents is always first and foremost for every person who works at that facility. For me, just being there is humbling and I am awed by their skill and dedication.

I could go on and on…I am very thankful to be associated with our Shoe Angel partners and their staff members. Cheers to you all. Have a wonderful holiday and safe peaceful new year.