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Footwear is a critical part of any job, but especially in the healthcare industry with long shifts of standing, walking and running in high-paced situations. The right shoes are important for safety, security, comfort and overall health and well-being.

Become a part of spreading the message of health and wellness with footwear. As a Shoe Angel Advocate you will Feel Good about sharing the benefit of our Shoe Angel website to all of your co-workers.

We’ll provide everything you need, from cards to flyers to promo codes. Every time someone you share with buys a pair of shoes, you get the credit and earn FREE SHOES for yourself. The more your unique advocate promo code is used, the more FREE SHOES you earn!

And not only will more people walk away with great shoes that benefit their health and well-being at an awesome discount, but more purchases on your shoe angel website means a bigger check to your facility’s chosen foundation or charity. Do Good. Feel Good.

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