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Picture of Liz Horn
  • Liz Horn 
  • Senior Vice President 
  • 16 July, 2019 

Kudos for Aetrex Orthotics!

Shoe Angel is so excited to add an innovative 3D Foot Scanner to all of our events! it is amazing and so much fun for facility associates while providing them valuable detailed information such as:

  • True shoe size and width (if one foot is longer or wider than the other)
  • Arch and instep height
  • Pressure points
  • Degree of Pronation (rolling inward) or Supination (rolling outward)
  • Alignment

Shoe Angel is proud to partner with Aetrex Technology to offer this innovative and unrivaled service.

The feet are the foundation of our bodies and effect our overall wellbeing. We believe in the extreme value of having all of the above information so that you can apply it to your choice of footwear to help prevent and correct foot ailments and therefore, knee, hip, back and even shoulder issues that can radiate up from the feet. When you know the problem, you can fix the problem.

Aetrex is also a well-known custom orthotic brand and its products are available on all Shoe Angel websites. Once you have been scanned at an event, you will be recommended a custom orthotic style based on your foot details. If you have not had the opportunity to be scanned, we also offer a quiz on each orthotic style listing page that will suggest the best custom option.

During a recent event, a hospital associate told me that her foot was in tremendous pain. She had an ongoing condition coupled with the fact that she worked on her feet for long hours at a time. We scanned her feet and she bought the Aetrex orthotic that was recommended (she also received a great pair of cushioned socks as a gift-with-purchase).

She surprised me a couple of weeks later with a personal phone call letting me know that her pain was virtually gone, and she wanted to purchase another pair of Aetrex orthotics so that she could have them in a different pair of shoes without having to switch back and forth.

In her words, the Aetrex insoles were “life changing.”

I love that we could help her!... that we can use Shoe Angel events as opportunities to provide 3D foot scans that lead to a positive difference in someone’s day-to-day comfort and overall health and wellness.

Shoe Angel events with the Aetrex 3D Foot Scanner: what a great way to Do Good and Feel Good