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  • Liz Horn 
  • Senior Vice President 
  • 10 July, 2019 

Why You Need "Healthy" Footwear

It’s no secret that people working in the healthcare industry spend a lot of time on their feet - through long shifts of 12 hours or more to double/back-to-back shifts, constantly standing, walking, and running!

As a result, every time I hold a Shoe Angel event, I meet countless people complaining of chronic pain in their feet, legs, lower back, and/or hips. Many have physician-diagnosed (or self-diagnosed) foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuroma or hammer toe. Often, they are coming to the event asking about relief from their ailments.

Through years of working in the shoe industry, I have learned a lot about the importance and benefits of properly fitted footwear preventing, relieving and overcoming a variety of foot issues as well as the features to look for in choosing a healthy pair of shoes.

What are the benefits of healthy footwear?

Healthy footwear will most definitely help to alleviate painful foot symptoms; and for some the relief is almost instant.

I suffer from plantar fasciitis; but now that I wear good supportive shoes with some heel cushioning (along with regular stretching exercises provided by my doctor), the foot issue has been pretty much cured. My heel pain felt better the moment I slipped on a good pair of shoes and I have never gone back.

Since the feet are the foundation of the body, incorrect movement or positioning can throw your whole body out of alignment, often resulting in leg, hip and back pain. Proper fitting footwear that supports the natural arch and prevents fallen arches, over-pronation (ankles rolling in) and supination (ankles rolling out) can help put your body back into correct natural alignment and improve whole body wellness.

Good footwear can also act as preventative medicine. If you aren’t currently experiencing pain and you are properly aligned, you want to stay that way. Making good choices about your everyday footwear will help your whole body stay healthy. Avoid the pitfalls of wearing unhealthy shoes. Develop your healthy footwear habits today!

What makes a pair of shoes healthful?


A contoured insole is a must for proper foot support.

Medial arch support, added structure to the inside middle of the foot, is important for everyone to prevent fallen arches, help flat feet and maintain proper body alignment.

Metatarsal support, a pad centered under the ball of the foot to support the metatarsal bones, is very helpful for people with high arches or pain in the forefront of the foot.

Durable upper materials and strategically designed patterns can help support your ankles to help prevent the foot’s tendency to roll.


There are many aspects of a shoe that will provide comfort and stability.

An insole with a cupped heel will help keep the foot in proper place and relieve pressure in your heel.

A cushioned midsole provides shock absorption as you walk and run thus reducing impact stress on feet that can radiate throughout the entire body.

A slip-resistant outsole will provide secure stability on wet, soapy and/or oily floors.

Laces, buckles and elastic gore are customizable fit features that will help keep each foot secure and stable in the shoe and can adjust to keep you comfortable as feet and ankles swell after long hours.

A large toe box that is wide enough to accommodate the true width of your feet without squishing your toes inward especially as they swell from a long day on your feet.

All Shoe Angel websites have information at the style level that will tell you if the features you need to promote your good health and wellness on the job and off are included in that style. And, you can always call our awesome Customer Service department for help in choosing your healthy pair of footwear! We are always here to help you in your quest for a more comfortable day on your feet. Do good AND feel good with your Shoe Angel website!