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  • Liz Horn 
  • Senior Vice President 
  • 4 Feb, 2019 

The Scope of Shoe Angel

My knowledge about and positive impressions of the healthcare industry have increased tenfold since I started providing Shoe Angel to various healthcare facilities this past year. And I am so impressed with how nice everyone that I've met is in this great complex industry.

Hospitals are like cities, complete with a complex support structure and a diverse culture. Some hospitals are as big as cities with hundreds or thousands of associates working in all kinds of jobs and professions. Most of us who aren't in the industry think only of clinical staff when we think of healthcare professionals; but hospitals and facilities big and small also have associates who work in offices, maintenance, dietary, labs, security, and much more. In some cases, there are even entire departments and specialties that are outsourced; such as emergency room personnel, physician groups and ambulance services.

The Shoe Angel benefit program provides quality, comfortable and safety footwear for of these wonderful people - all groups, all job titles. On every Shoe Angel website you will find plenty of styles that most people think of as clinical or nursing shoes. However, you'll also find women's professional pumps, men's dress shoes, protective toe boots and athletic shoes, slip-resistant footwear of all kinds, duty footwear, and comfortable casual styles to fit many situations and environments. All footwear styles are supplied through premier brands such as Skechers Work, Dansko, Klogs, Reebok and more - all known for providing footwear to people who need great all-day support and comfort. There are over 2,600 styles available on Shoe Angel!

I'd love to hear your positive impressions and stories of the facilities in which you work. What important job functions have I missed from my list above? Is there any type, style, or brand of footwear you think is important for including on a Shoe Angel site? Your stories would be very helpful for the Shoe Angel team to make sure we aren't missing something important.

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